Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Counseling Notebook

With some inspiration from Carol and some help from Canva on the design, I created my own counseling notebook with all of the calendars, forms and other helpful information that seems to be tossed into folders every year. My goal for this is to serve as a notetaking and informational device when I'm away from my computer and/or can't type anything in right away. It ended up being about an inch thick and I got it bound at Office Max for about $4.  Inside, I have:
  • Counseling program outline
  • District Calendar
  • My weekly appointment calendar with space for notes
  • Program calendar of classroom lesson dates
  • 504, TAG and SpEd referral forms
  • Team meeting notes space
  • Community resources, such as outside mental health contacts
  • Parent meeting/phone notes and follow-up information
 Take a look:


  1. Very special designing of books. It depends on printing.Apart from notebook notepad can also be used in school or offices.Please share custom notepad design samples also.

  2. You can quickly flip from page to page, unlike a computer where you need to use the mouse and scroll up and down all the time. It also saves more time as you do not need to turn it on and wait for it to boot, unlike a computer.comment