Monday, May 18, 2015

Thinking 2015-16

There's still some work to be done for the remaining school year, but I've already got an eye on what's to come for 2015-16.  This is my working document for next year, a big Post-it sticky on my wall.  Nearby, I have another one with a list of tasks for summer 2015 that will support activities, ideas and goals. 
To expand on each one of these:

  1. Individual Student Planning Committee:  This is just a group of teaching staff from each time that will help me with all SpEd, TAG and §504 referrals for next year. Although the majority of the duties will fall to me, this team will be involved in the decision making process. 
  2. Academic Momentum Schedule: Academic Momentum is the curriculum for Eastern Promise, a regional initiative that supports early college experiences in our state. I will deliver this personally at the sixth grade level, but I'm responsible for a delivery model at the 7th and 8th grades. 
  3. Sixth Grade Counselor Schedule:  With the acquisition of funds to purchase the sixth grade Second Step program, and the support of administration and staff to implement it in our school, I will personally be delivering lessons along with Academic Momentum. I will likely be in a sixth grade classroom every two or three weeks next year.
  4. Forms/Schedules Book:  Shout out to Carol for this idea. Although it won't take the place of my Outlook calendar, it will be a great resource to have when I am out and about, and when I need quick access to a form.
  5. Lifeways/SMS Plan of Service.  Lifeways is our county mental health organization that provides individual and group services for our students.  They've done a great job in our building, and I think we could improve their service by getting input from more staff.  I'm anticipating more skill building groups for next year. 
Without realizing it, I might have addressed a recent tweet:

And finally, what is conspicuously absent on my list is a counseling program advisory committee. I've been talking about this entity for a few years now, but haven't gone through the steps to put one in place.  That's probably a blog post all by itself. 

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